Position vacant
Addtime:2013-6-7 14:18:59
Professional: Related professional Education: 中专
Sex: Age: 20-35
Salary: 2000-3000 RMB Effective Date: month
Job Description: 1, during the production of production orders;
2, follow up the schedule of implementation;
3, the abnormal processing and feedback;
Work experience: plan single row, production, customer service work experience, purchasing experience is preferred!

  Production manager(1)
Addtime:2013-6-7 14:16:04
Professional: Related professional Education: 大专
Sex: 不限 Age: 30-50
Salary: 8000-12000 Effective Date: 2013-06-04 ~ 2013-07-17
Job Description: 1, manufacturing industry production management for more than 6 years relevant work experience;
2, good communication skills and leadership ability;
3, sense of quality, cost consciousness, the printing industry experience, ERP experience is preferred;

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