The seventy-fifth session of the National Auto Parts Fair
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Auto parts fair:
"China Automobile Parts Fair" referred to as the national auto parts, is a traditional festival of China auto parts industry, in the different city successfully held more than 70, the vigorous development of Chinese automotive after market plays a positive role in promoting.
The exhibition began in 1965, the annual spring and autumn two season in the domestic different city tour. Through the "national auto parts balance scheduling will", "national auto parts production orders" to "National Auto Parts Fair" in recent 50 years, the period of planned economy, in the distribution of enterprise planning, adjust inventory of supplies work plays an important role, which laid a foundation of management organizer in China auto parts industry solid and special status.
With the continuous development of market economy, the national auto parts will also to set the vehicle, auto parts, automotive electronics, automotive supplies, auto maintenance equipment, automobile decoration, maintenance supplies as the main exhibitors professional exhibition, and the exhibition, forum, conference, product promotion and negotiation of combining form, provides a professional exchange and cooperation platform for the auto parts industry. Each exhibition are from all over the country more than 2000 exhibitors and 50000 visitors, is the longest history, the largest car market after the exhibition.
Exhibits range:
Engine / chassis and body / Automobile / oil, maintenance supplies, automotive supplies, auto maintenance equipment and tools / materials and parts etc.
2014 will be the fall prospect:
The seventy-fifth session of the National Auto Parts Fair will be held May 9, 2014 -11 in Chongqing "International Exhibition Center" held.
Chongqing International Expo Center is a modern intelligent venues a collection exhibition, conference, accommodation, catering, entertainment, sports and other functions in one, the core is located in the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area -- the panda exhibition city, a total construction area of 600000 square meters, indoor exhibition hall use area of 200000 square meters, Hall a total of 16 exhibition halls, the north and the south the arrangement of 8 hall, multi-function hall, meeting hall, hotel and other supporting facilities, the ground bearing, exhibition area, building structure and traffic organization are world-class level. Is the world's top ten, China second, the largest western large venues.
Now the exhibition in the city to change, time passed with the charm of the city, it is a window to the world and China Unicom national auto industry platform, the organizing committee to follow the trend, to release exhibition held in comprehensive effect, not only in the gradual improvement of all the main regional auto propaganda work, also absorb drives industry agglomeration development, toward the leading national exhibition rapid run. Of course, behind the success of the exhibition, the organizing committee are permeated with arduous sweat, the General Assembly staff information with dynamic show and, even in the business very unpopular situation still did not forget to provide high quality service for every auto colleagues, adhere to professional on the pulling effect of convention and exhibition, now the national auto parts will the official website, the official version, mobile phone version (micro-blog webpage, blog update all successful open to you, in this more professional environment, we believe that the organizing committee will give us an attractive meal.
We believe that, the seventy-fifth session of China automobile parts fair first came to the economic prosperity, vibrant city held, will bring greater benefits to all exhibitors.
Held May 9, 2014 -11
The venue Chongqing city Yubei District Yuelai Avenue No. 66
Sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation
China automotive parts sales company
China Council for the promotion of International Trade Committee of Guangzhou City
Sponsored by China automotive parts sales company
Zhongji Lianhua (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.
With the people's Government of Shiyan City People's Government of Ruian City
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