2014 the twelfth China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Expo
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The rapid development of Chinese automobile industry and benefit from the global auto parts industry chain actively transferring to China, "China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Exhibition" (English abbreviation "CAPE") after 11 years of carefully nurtured, it has become the auto parts industry in Asia's top brand event. Relying on the potential market resources of automobile industry and the world's largest, according to auto parts industry development present situation and the domestic and foreign market demand, based on inheriting and extending the previous exposition successful experience, with the care and support of government departments, industry associations at all levels, under the careful organization of main units of planning, "CAPE 2014" will be a new appearance -- Guangzhou, the exhibition will showcase the latest products and results in automobile industry and development direction in the future, there will be more than 100 associated media of the super team for the full range of three-dimensional propaganda. We will continue to "highlight the brand, innovation, pay attention to actual effect, enhance service" exhibition purposes, with the unique creative, scientific management and excellent service, exhibition and exchange platform provides a "specialization, internationalization, brand" to new ideas for the majority of Chinese and foreign exhibitors, more cooperation opportunities for the global automotive parts and market industry, a strong impetus to China's auto parts products to enter the global procurement system, with all the nations of the world automobile industry coordination and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, common development and progress.
The exhibition features
Authoritative organization -- the exhibition is China's Ministry of Commerce in accordance with the "specialization, internationalization, branding" principle approved by state level international auto parts industry event. Sponsored by the China Association of enterprises with foreign trade and economic cooperation, Guangzhou first-class exhibition service limited company to undertake a number of units, domestic and foreign assistance, which has the support of the government, and the authority of the industry participation. During the exhibition, there will be the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial and municipal leaders, industry authority to visit the exhibition to visit and attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.
The huge purchasing team event will be invited from China -- the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Czech, Africa, the Middle East, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Hongkong, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions, many automobile manufacturers, parts and market buyers, suppliers and the famous international procurement logistics association led a delegation to visit the procurement.
※ charges
● booth fee: (booths for 10% of booth fee)
Standard booth booth special booth (Guang Di)
The enterprise CNY 9000/ CNY 900/ ㎡
Foreign enterprise USD 2500/ USD 250/ ㎡
Note: 1, standard booth: Specifications for 3m x 3m, configuration of three panels / with / two lamp / a table and two chairs / a basket / a 220V socket / cleaning / security. 2, the special booth for light, 36 square meters rent, no facilities, not including the charge management fees and rent costs.
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