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The basic task of the human resource management is according to the requirement of company development strategy, there are plans to distribute the company's human resources, the staff recruitment, training, use, assessment, evaluation, incentives, adjustment, logistics, enterprise culture and a series of process, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the potential of staff, in order to ensure the realization of the strategic objectives of the company.

Talent team construction is an important force to promote independent innovation, scientific and technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Chengyu machinery equipment and machinery are going all out to create a good quality, reasonable structure, a sufficient number of skilled, innovative, complex type of high-level talent echelon. Companies adhere to the people-oriented concept, to create mutual trust, respect each other's cultural atmosphere for the staff of the growth and progress, and provide opportunities for more space for the employee's occupation planning, create the necessary conditions for technology innovation and management innovation of employees, and shall be recognized and rewarded for outstanding performance and outstanding employees, to employees the value and the value of the company achieve synchronization, employees to grow with the company and promote each other.

Respect for and protection of the rights and interests of employees, actively and steadily push forward the reform of salary, welfare and insurance system and perfect, fully reflect the job characteristics, reflect the post value and outstanding performance, incentive high-level management, professional technology and key technical talents. In accordance with the general requirements of countries to establish a multi-level social insurance system, and actively improve the insurance system, do a good job in the basic insurance, safeguard the vital interests of employees.

Improve the remuneration policy. The company's existing salary system of evaluation and research, in order to further improve the salary and welfare system, involving many aspects of wages, allowances, subsidies, welfare etc..

The construction of human resources management system. The establishment of this system is conducive to standardizing, integration, integration of company personnel data, to optimize the allocation of human resources, standardize personnel management, improve the efficiency of personnel management, strengthening staff training play an effective role.

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